Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Tax Break for the Wealthy!

Something is wrong, absolutely seriously wrong in our beloved United States—and I do mean, SERIOUSLY WRONG!

Just a few minutes ago on the radio, I heard the news that Republicans in Congress are putting together their version of a plan to balance the budget. And what do you think that plan calls for once again? Yes, another tax break for the wealthy!

Now, I’m not out to attack the Republicans. As a nonpartisan, I claim affiliation with no political party. BUT, what am I to think after hearing the news this morning that the push is on once again to give a tax break to the very rich? It simply gets my dander in a fluff. What on earth are these lawmakers thinking? Have they taken up residence in the back pockets of the one-percent?

Here’s the reason why I am so miffed when I hear that any politician wants to give the wealthy another break while the middle class along with the downcast and underserved continue to get chewed up, spat out and trodden on.