Monday, October 31, 2011

The Legacy—The Age of Cooperatives

The International Year of Cooperatives is finally underway, fueling a myriad of global opportunities served up on a silver platter for all cooperatives in all sectors; opportunities that can be creatively harnessed to educate all peoples on the inherent value of the cooperative business model.

If there ever was a time when the world needed a business model rooted in values and principles, now is the perfect time for us to step forward. Now is the time for all cooperative leaders to take to the airwaves. Now is the time for member/owners to tell their neighbors why they belong to a food co-op, a housing co-op or a credit union. And, now is especially the time for cooperative evangelists to herald the tidings of hope, equity and dignity that come with membership in a co-op.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Opportunities On A Silver Platter

First there was TARP in 2008 and the bailout of the banks using taxpayer money. Then came the return of hugeprofits and executive bonuses. Now, we're seeing the addition of new fees, such as those announced by B of A for users of its ATM card. 

Needless to say, such events have fueled an ever increasing frustration among American consumers, elevating their mistrust of bankers and Wall Street investors like never before. It's most apparent in the recent "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that are now spreading throughout the world.

If there was ever a time for someone with an alternative to the for-profit shareholder business model, now would be the time to step forward.