Monday, December 26, 2011


Alas, we are standing at the front door of the New Year, 2012. Ready to cross over the threshold to greet all that will come our way this year?

Considering everything we’ve been through these last several years, what more can come as a surprise? My hope is that 2012—The International Year of Cooperatives—will turn the tide and see credit unions once again take charge of their own destiny in ways that offer more aggregation, more safety, more cooperation, and more prosperity. 

Having seen the news last week about U.S. Central Bridge and NCUA’s plan to shutter its operation, I can’t help but think back a decade to a time when all the talk about the corporate network consisted of who would replace Gigi Hyland upon her departure as CEO of the Association of Corporate Credit Unions; which corporate is in merger talks and who will offer me the most yield today on my investments.