Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lip Service or Conviction

I submitted a blog exclusive to the Credit Union Times last Friday. In this posting, I opine on what I see as an irony—two major issues are concurrently knocking at the doors of credit unions, seeking a response. One issue requires credit unions to decide whether to maintain settlement and investment services within the cooperative credit union system. The second is a global opportunity to promote the value proposition of credit unions (our cooperative business model and its values and principles) during the United Nations Year of Cooperatives in 2012.

The convergence of these two issues at the same point in time will undoubtedly require credit unions to re-examine their understanding and support of the cooperative business model. I just think it would be an embarrassment if a decision on one issue was contrary to the other. 

When all is said and done on this pivotal point in time, I wonder if history will record credit unions as only paying lip service to the principles they so boldly profess? Or, will the decisions credit unions make on these two issues reflect the convictions they hold for the distinct value that can only come from a cooperative enterprise? 

How do you see this scenario unfolding? Share your thoughts on the Credit Union Times website at Living the Credit Union Legacy.

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